Kostia Lukyniuk is a Ukrainian-born, world-renowned musician. Known for his unique and rebellious take on a traditional instrument, he revolutionizes the violin by blending genres and offering a unique and entertaining performance like no other. Kostia’s unmatched energy and passion for this craft wows audiences of all ages and cultures. When home in Ukraine, Kostia performed benefit concerts and on the streets of his hometown to raise money for his people and lift the spirits of those suffering from the war. Kostia is highly trained and has won many prestigious rewards. He graduated from the Eastman School of Music and is currently getting his Masters degree at the Frost School of Music. He actively performs all over the world, playing a wide variety of genres and styles, always bringing his own unique voice and sound with him. He has collaborated with many different established musicians and artists and has released two albums; the second one with his band “Positive Vibez.” Kostia is the ambassador for musical hardware companies Myers Pickups and 3Dvarius Violins.


“Something about his performance struck me - I felt the FREEDOM AND JOY… thank you Kostia for your spectacularly BRIGHT HUMAN ENERGY” - Peter Tunney (Renowned visual artist)

“Great individual, I love his music and his spirit”

- Jimmie Highsmith Jr. (Grammy-nominated saxophonist) on Fox Rochester


“A very lively performance on the violin… usually it’s more quiet and somber but yours looks more jazzy”

- Fox News


“World-renowned Ukrainian violinist” - NBC6

“...[Kostia] has gained an international following for his energetic pop videos as well as his fine classical playing”

- Christian Howes (Creative Strings Podcast)


“Incredibly talented” - Fox Rochester

“A skilled improviser” - Christian Howes (Jazz violinist) on violinist.com

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Contact Info:

Email: kostiaviolinist@gmail.com    Cell: 786-778-1849

Socials:  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok